stasis ep

Released 4/1/2016

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Some vague dream of the silver screen led Ryan Rickenbach to New York City. That and the near certainty of “white-hot instant success”, a fantasy carefully nurtured in the heart of suburban Maryland and quickly tempered on the streets of Manhattan.

Although a songwriter from his early teens, Rickenbach’s acting aspirations remained in the forefront until he landed a role in Folk City, a musical based on the legendary Greenwich Village music club. As he prepared for the role by performing at local dives, he soon found his ambitions resembling those of his character, a guitar-totin’ cowboy who believes himself to be the next Hank Williams. “There was a shift”, he recalls. “All I wanted to do was write songs.” As the show came to a close, Rickenbach found himself back at the same bars, no longer preparing for a role but instead for his debut release, Stasis EP.

Recorded in six days by Cass Dillon at Baby Studios in Baldwin, NY, the record is comprised of nimble melodies, lyrics both pensive and playful, and a distinctly resonant voice, capturing something Dillon calls both cerebral and raw – “a real, true singer-songwriter experience.”

Rickenbach is a student of The Great American Songbook and is drawn to the power of its simplicity: “I went through a period of listening to Elliott Smith obsessively and he always had a line, some little piece of burning coal that was so distilled and hot you felt he must have written the entire song just to say those words. That’s the kind of songwriting I’m interested in.”


“Seriously, you could place this alongside some of the best of that early 1970’s stuff, and it would fit well, Ryan’s voice having just the right quality […] The lines ‘I don’t beg/I don’t borrow/I just steal’ had me laughing aloud the first time I listened to this disc, and have made me smile each time since.” – Michael Doherty

“Rickenbach’s fun and playful sound will steal your heart with its country twang guitars and heartwarming lyrics.” – EatSleepBreatheMusic

“Ryan Rickenbach is a talented singer songwriter with every ounce of charisma in the world. He just stole it all and threw it into this recording. With a flair for the dramatic and some stellar delivery, one gets the distinct sense that Rickenbach’s show would be an absolute joyful experience. He’s gonna a little Harry Connick Jr. in him, for damn sure. If you’re interested in bluesy pop, Rickenbach is the man for you.” – Ear To Ground Music


All songs written by Ryan Rickenbach (BMI)
Produced and Engineered by Cass Dillon
Mixed and Mastered by Gerry Comito
Ryan Rickenbach – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Cass Dillon – Guitar, Bass
John Badamo – Drums
Robert Damato – Keys
Craig Calo – Bass
Photography – Laura Vogels
Design – Ryan Rickenbach
Tracks 1, 2, 4, 5 recorded at Baby Studios – Baldwin, NY
Track 3 recorded at Ryan Rickenbach’s home studio

Available for purchase via Bandcamp